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香港互聯網服務供應商協會 合辦 2014甬港經濟合作論壇 之 甬港電子商務對接洽談會

August 6, 2014

香港互聯網服務供應商協會於 2014 8 1 與寧波市政府及香港貿易發展局合辦了 2014 甬港經濟合作論壇 甬港電子商務對接洽談會 環節。協會的角度是主力推廣香港的完善網絡基建,以及法律、銀行支付、資訊自由等方面的優勢,能協助寧波企業發展電子商務去得更遠。

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Response of HKISPA to Consultation on 2014 Digital 21 Strategy

November 27, 2013

The HKISPA would like to respond to the subject consultation, as published at http://www.digital21.gov.hk/, as follows.

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HKISPA's response to Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 on preventing abuse of the Notice of Alleged Infringement mechanism

November 4, 2013

We are writing in response to the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 (“Proposed Bill”), which was posted at http://www.legco.gov.hk/yr10311/english/bills/b201106033.pdf but deferred for submission to the legislative council because of the public’s concern on parody which resulted in the need for a new round of consultation.






Recommendation of HKISPA to OGCIO: An Efficient Model to Implement Free Public Wifi

April 23, 2013

The newly released audit commission’s report citing inefficiencies of public Wifi has led the HKISPA to rethink one of the central debates for public ICT infrastructure policy: of how to apply the right level of interventionism to a laissez faire regime.