The variety of contents available on the Internet is virtually unlimited. While there is a lot of healthy and useful information on the Internet, there are some materials which may be potentially harmful to young people.  Legislative control alone cannot solve the problem entirely given the impracticality of active monitoring of all information transmitted through the Internet due to its vast volume and transient nature.  Instead, relevant sectors such as the Internet service providers, content providers, parents and teachers all have a role to play in protecting our young people from such potentially harmful materials. Against this background, the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority has provided funds to the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA) to implement the Internet Content Rating System Project.


Objectives of ICRS Project



To further promote the awareness of the general public about the undesirable contents on the Internet;



To translate and customize the system developed by the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) into Chinese for local adoption;



To promote the ICRA system to webmasters, content providers and Internet users; and



To set up a hotline to handle enquiries about this Project and complaints about obscene and indecent articles on the Internet.



Details of the Project

Partnering with Internet Content Rating Association, an international non-profit organization based in the UK, the ICRS operates based on voluntary participation:

  1. Content providers can choose to self-label their site through an online questionnaire describing the content of their site in terms of what is and isn't present.

  2. Internet users can download the ICRA filter and set their Internet browsers to allow or disallow access to web sites based on the objective information declared in the label and the subjective preferences of the users concerned.


Under the Project, the online questionnaire and the ICRA filter will be translated and customized into Chinese and hosted in ICRA’s server in the UK.  The translated system will be available in traditional Chinese characters as a start to first target local content providers. HKISPA will publicize the Project in its website, with a hyperlink to ICRA’s web site. This will facilitate web authors and Internet users in Hong Kong to make use of the ICRA system. 

A specific hotline will be set up for handling enquiries about this Project and complaints of obscene and indecent materials on the Internet.  The hotline will be manned by HKISPA during office hours while calls received after office hours will be recorded for follow-up action to be taken the next day.  With this dedicated hotline, enquiries and complaints can be dealt with more promptly and efficiently.

To Label your website or download the ICRA filter :
Labelled with ICRA
After you have finished labelling, please let us know so we can exhibit your text link FREE of charge on our website click here

If you have comments about this project or complaints about obscene and indecent articles on the Internet, please call our hotline 2528 6286 or click here

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